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Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Ryan spent the first two thirds of his life on stage performing. His passion lies with the arts, where he has a keen eye and understanding for what it takes to make a star. Finding talent through different outlets and devising creative strategies that intervweave the arts and everyday life help Classiques Modernes deliver the best of the best.


As a graduate of theater, voice and dance, Ryan Obermeier delighted off-Broadway audiences with roles in Naked Boys Singing! and Icons. Regionally, he has performed a multitude of shows all over the USA as well as abroad, which includes the national tour of Hairspray. He was also a leading vocalist for Norwegian Cruise Line and Paramount Parks. Today Ryan lends his talents to the casting teams of some of the most popular reality television programming on air.


Always eager to understand different facets of life, Ryan also has a love and true passion for real estate. 


This New Yorker with a southern soul is creative, hardworking, and has an uninhibited way of living life. Being positive about what can be done, recognizing the reality of limitations, and a relentless desire to push beyond expectations are qualities that make Ryan the perfect person for this position.


Working in collaboration with Loy Bernal Carlos for years, Ryan has gained insight and perspective into many different areas of real estate, management and production.


When not working on further bettering the lives of his clients, Ryan loves theatre and anything dealing with the arts.  Spending time outdoors in Central Park and learning as much as he can about the history of New York City are some of his favorite past times as well. And of course spending time with his husband and two pets is always at the top of his list.

Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates: Connected Lifestyle, Real Estate Brokerage & Management

Senior Project Manager

Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates

Classiques Modernes International Realty


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