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If you are listing your property for sale or lease, we will use OUR INNOVATIVE MARKETING TOOLS to reach a global market. Find out how Virutal Reality and Augmented Reality can work for you.


Please fill out the form below so we may discuss your plans, your property and what we can do for you.  All communication between us will be held in confidence and we will let you know right away whether we are the right brokers for your real estate.  


We take pride in our ability to select projects and properties that require real experience and real expertise. We have no desire to accumulate listings to stroke our own egos or sell other properties at your expense. Your real estate is about you, and we fully appreciate that.


There is no charge for consultations and no obligation until we mutually agree to proceed and fully execute a contract, so don't hesitate.  Complete this form or make the call  646-580-4840 and experience the difference.  

Thank your for your message! We will be in touch soon.

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