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Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates: Augmented Property & Lifestyle Management and Real Estate Brokerage

Classiques MODERNES


Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates: Augmented Property & Lifestyle Management and Real Estate Brokerage



Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates was established for the purpose of managing individual apartments for international investors, absentee property owners and relocated homeowners who require immediate assistance in maintaining and protecting their real property investments.


Each property Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates manages is different. The type of property, location, condition of the overall structure, condition of mechanicals, occupancy, owner requirements and tenants’ lifestyles, among many other factors affect the kind and type of services that are needed in managing the property.  We have handled a variety of properties from studios in Riverside Drive cooperatives, to two and three bedroom condos in Midtown West and Lincoln Center, to townhouses in Greenwich Village's Gold Coast, to A 7000 SF penthouse on the Upper East Side, to new development condo units in Williamsburg.


Our landlords and tenants are mostly senior executives and high-end investors who own ultra-luxury properties. Most ladlord clients are absentee owners who reside in Asia, Europe and South America. Our tenant clients include high-profile executives of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, entertainers, politicians and diplomats among others. 


Depending on the type of property, the building rules and regulations, as well as individual tenant and landlord requirements, we come up with a strategy that ensures a smooth relationship between landlords and tenants and that the property is kept in top condition.  In other words, we strive to provide our clients with worry free management.









#1.  The first step is determining the condition of the property, documenting it and getting to know the various vendors (if any) that the owner or previous owner has used to maintain, repair or renovate the property.


We suggest that owners supply us with information regarding contact numbers for such vendors and other documentation that would give us information on applicable service or product warranties and expirations.


#2.  Upon review, we will make recommendations to owner/tenant on current service contracts they should extend, and any other additional service contracts that are necessary both for regular and preventative maintenance and general service calls and repair.  All contracts will be executed between owner/tenant and vendor directly. Classiques Modernes will be responsible in keeping these contracts current and will advise the owner/tenant of any expirations.


#3.  We will also coordinate with the owner/tenant and service providers in scheduling and planning repair or maintenance related work.  Some general service and regular maintenance work in which we use such vendors include:


-       Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance and repair

-       Electrical repair

-       Plumbing repair

-       Painting

-       Floor Repair and/or Refinishing

-       Repair of Appliances

-       Elevator repair and maintenance (for townhouses)

-       Snow/garbage removal (for townhouses), etc.


#4.  We will ensure that vendors possess proper insurance coverage and other legal documentation pursuant to building, city and state codes.


#5.  If Owner/tenant is an absentee owner and repair or part/product/appliance replacement is necessary, Classiques Modernes will advise owner/tenant of any costs outside of any warranties and will provide owner/tenant with an estimate from vendor(s) prior to approving the work.


#6.  If owner/tenant will be away from the property for an extended period of time and any service or repair related work is required, We will ask owner to withhold a predetermined amount that may be used for minor costs of repair and maintenance. Any work exceeding $250 shall be approved by owner/tenant.


#7. If owner/tenant is away while damage occurs and repair is necessary, we will document the condition using before and after photographs to be sent to owner/tenant.





• Cooperative, Condominiums & Townhouses Sales & Leasing


• Cooperative, Condominium & Townhouse Property Management


• Tenant Qualification


• Credit Verification


• Lease Application Processing


• Lease Preparation


• Board Application Preparation, Review & Submission


• Move-in/Move-Out Inspection


• Move-in/Move-Out Coordination


• Establishing Separate Security Deposit Accounts pursuant to   the laws of the State of New York and in accordance with IRS   reporting requirements


• Rent Collection


• Payment of Utilities and other Expenses


• Mortgage Payments


• Quarterly or Semi-Annual Inspections (Interior and Exterior if   applicable) with photos


• Supervision and coordination of all repairs and maintenance


• Liaise and Coordinate with Cooperative/Condominium Board of Directors and Property Managers


• Management of Service Contracts


• Monthly Accounting Statement & Invoice



• Monthly Invoicing


• Rent Collection


• Rent Increase Enforcement


• Enforcement of Additional Rent, Rent Arrears and Late Fees  pursuant to Individual Leases


• Monthly Accounting Statement for Multiple Units with Rent   Roll, Rent Payments, Outstanding Balances for each Tenant

Master Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Modern Declaration by Daun Curry

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