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Lucas Nathan

Lucas Nathan is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Classiques Modernes, a real estate concierge and lifestyle magazine which connects all aspects of real estate clients' lifestyle–from purchasing, selling or leasing their homes to design and construction, health and fitness, style and fashion, transportation, recreation and entertainment.


Lucas approaches each new opportunity with enthusiasm and a desire to make it great. He is passionate about building long-lasting relationships and using them to make connections that are of great benefits to his clients and friends. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family in Vermont, he learned early on that hard work, persistence, and creativity are keys to success.


After attending Northfield Mount Hermon School and Skidmore College, Lucas moved to Manhattan to pursue his real estate career.  He quickly embraced the fast pace of New York City, its vibrant real estate market, and fell in love with helping his clients achieve their real estate goals.  Always looking for growth and new opportunities, he later worked to expand his industry knowledge, earning a Master's Degree in Real Estate Finance and Development from New York University. This proves extremely useful when handling particularly difficult aspects of the development and financing process.


After 10 years in New York, Lucas and his family moved to Boston where, in 2014, he founded Nathan Property Advisors in order to capitalize on new market opportunities. Building off of his success in New York City, Lucas has been able to develop and maintain formidable relationships in both markets.  


Throughout his career Lucas has been an industry leader and has set multiple price records in buildings around New York.  He has been featured in Avenue Magazine, New York Post, the Real Deal, Real Estate Weekly,, NY Magazine, Jonas Brothers Television Show and NBC’s Open House NYC.  Lucas Nathan currently lives with his wife and two children in Brookline, Massachusetts.



Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates: Connected Lifestyle, Real Estate Brokerage & Management
Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates: Connected Lifestyle, Real Estate Brokerage & Management

Lucas Nathan,

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates

Classiques Modernes International Realty



Nathan Property Advisors


New York: 646.580.4840

Boston: 617.274.0685

Mobile: 917.714.2016


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