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Classiques Modernes means "modern standards." It is a way of marrying today's on-demand culture with the rich personal relationship building principles of the past. It isn't just a lifestyle brand, it is a way of life. 


It is an entirely new way of doing real estate, too. It is people-centric real estate, it's integrated. All your lifestyle needs with all the real estate services you'll ever want are delivered with personal care, diligence and at the highest level of service and professionalism. We don't look at where you live as separate from how you live and who you are.


We are cultural cartographers who help clients find hidden treasures in both people and places. This allows them to live their neighborhoods to the fullest, and love life in the process. How do we do this? Imagine a triptych.


1. Classiques Modernes International Realty is a full real estate brokerage firm that specializes in servicing the real estate needs of multiple homeowners, investors, foreign nationals, celebrities and high-profile individuals with superior net worth. In short we are sought by those who demand absolute confidentiality, who require bankable expertise and experience, and who expect personal attention.


Exceeding a collective half-a-century in real estate, we have handled a wide array of deals: from the simplest to some of the most complex transactions in both residential and commercial real estate. We've represented sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants in the sale and lease of apartments in some of New York's preeminent addresses, as well sales and leases of townhouses and multi-unit buildings all over the City. 


Let's suppose a client from Europe buys a penthouse as a third home, or perhaps an Asian client purchases a multi-unit rental building. Now what?


2. Our relationship with clients continue beyond closing because we care. Often, our clients leave it to us to manage their real estate portfolio. Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates offers home and property management services. For landlords, this often means tenant and building management, keeping their tenants happy while protecting and enhancing the value of their investments. They may even hire us for hotel-style services for some or all of their units!


For homeowners and tenants, this may also mean connecting them to, or arranging for lifestyle services, such as an in-home massage, in-home hair and make-up, fashion styling or custom tailoring, private shopping, arranging with dog walkers or pet sitters, a private chef, etc. These are value-added services that no other real estate brokerage provides.


3. But how do we ensure the quality of lifestyle services we offer our clients? Classiques Modernes has a globally recognized Magazine, specifically created to find the best ideas,  talents, services and products in every neighborhood, in every industry, in all parts of the world. This gives us powerful connections and inroads to the best of the best. Thanks in great part to the continual and extensive research we do for our magazine we are able to vet, and thereafter curate, the top performers, thus allowing our clients to have exclusive access to them.

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