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Max Burdett

Max Burdett is a rising star in the handpicked team of the exquisite Classiques Modernes lifestyle brand. Max brings experience in fields such as engineering and personal investments, and provides a novel spin on the real estate game. He specializes in relocation and has produced desirable outcomes in numerous challenging cases. Approachable and a keen listener, he is an invaluable asset attuned to the clients' needs. Max's sharp focus as well as his sense of responsibility and determination ensure success in delivering personalized solutions. 


Having been raised in New York City and Westchester County, Max has a profound understanding of value and high standards. He strives for excellence and is a modern art enthusiast with an eye for detail. Additionally, Max is a meticulous researcher with a tireless passion for details and context.


When choosing a property or in helping to develop a concept for one, it is imperative to Max that not only must it be considered high-end, but that it also has “soul.” With that in mind, he pays utmost attention to historic and architectural details as well as artistic touches–carefully looking for balance of form, function and spirit–in adherence to the governing principles of the Classiques Modernes brand.


Max is a doer with limitless energy that results in solid and timely accomplishments. Being truthful and transparent is of ultimate importance to him. This enables clients to trust his judgment in analyzing the pros and cons of the real estate opportunities and choices before them. Max's clients benefit from his directness and integrity, the very values that have been ingrained in him by his family and through his own life experiences. 

Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates: Connected Lifestyle, Real Estate Brokerage & Management

Director of Research, Product Development

Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates

Classiques Modernes International Realty


Tel: 646.580.4840

Mobile: 646.675.3979


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Licensed Real Estate Saleperson

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